Hi there. I’m Sam Ammourisam and donna

I Started a direct marketing career life in 1993 after serving as a waiter and other odd lobs for 12 long years. I truly never liked that waiter thing!… It got me nowhere! Working as long as 10 hours a day and 6 days a week… Bringing in money who hardly paid for my basic needs!

I knew I had to look for something else!

searching for another career can really take its tall emotionally and practically. So I started the long search and realized how hard life can be.

I ran into storms of scams and bogus claims…. Bought every piece of junk every time thinking this is the magic only to find the new scam is worst than the

previous one ! I almost lost my shirt ! In 1995 as I was listening to a TV show for Brad Rich dale, a pioneer in direct marketing , I decided to pay the initial $39 .

I received his initial starter kit that wasn’t much more than a little booklet and a cassette tape. He asked for another $275 for a premium membership and to be included in one of his advertising promotions he was conducting for a month period.

It sounded very good but I really did not have the $275. I was fully determined to leave that GLOOMY WAITER JOB! I had to come up with something and very fast to make it through the promotion.

Always success comes with patience

I did a very successful mail marketing campaigns afterwards and by 2006 I had a total of 3 gift shops with another partner who decided to split later on and I ended up with 2 of the 3 gift shops.

I did extremely well very since ever then! no more waiting on tables! until hurricane Sandy came and took it all and I found myself in the hunt for jobs again, but this time I focused my eyes and mind in venturing the online world and affiliate marketing to be exact.After a long and bumpy hunt I landed on this breathtaking opportunity that requires the following….

  • Zero money to invest
  • Zero money to train
  • Zero money for 2 websites
  • Zero money for hosting
  • Zero money for a 24 hour support

I’ve been doing even better than before and do encourage anyone with any online business intentions to make his or her start here simply because you are given the free chance to test the waters before you decide whether this is for you or not without loosing a dime.


Sam Ammouri

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