Best Kershaw Knife 2020

The Kershaw Blur


The Blur Is the most beloved Kershaw knife by its fans. And like Its sister the leek the claim to fame is by packing too much cutting power within a small and slim pocketable ingenuity. With a 3.4” blade in a 4.5” long handle, the Blur hardly takes up any pocket space with its handle less an inch thick and weigh less than 3.90 ounces.



And Like many Kershaw’s products there is a multitude  of variants of the knife,  and the  standard Blur features aluminum handles with (Trac- Tek) inserts, and a stonewashed blade made from Sandvik 14C28N steel.

A high hollow grind and a pronounced recurve boosts cutting performance but makes sharpening much of a task. Tanto versions dropped the recurve, and some of them are available with half serrated edge.  There are also tiger stripe variants, acid stonewashed blades, and a variety of handles with different colors.


Do You Love The Kershaw Blur?

Then its time to have this bride in your pocket as a best dependable pal for joy , fun and tasks.




Sam Ammouri

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