My Ultimate Kershaw Leek Review

By Sam Ammouri


designed by legendary custom knife maker Ken Onion The Kershaw Leek features a modified wharncliffe style blade completely devoid of belly which is great for tasks that involve the tip of the blade.

The Leek’s blade comes to a very fine tip and it makes the knife great for piercing tasks and detail work. It’s like carrying a large pointy razor blade in your pocket. Another benefit is that wharncliffe blades are among the easiest to sharpen. During my experience with this knife I have found the steel to sharpen really well, have good edge retention and be very resistant to corrosion.

One more thing I love

The handle of the Leek will come in solid steel with a frame lock or aluminum scales with a liner lock. Both models feel good in the hand for a smaller knife, and the solid steel handled version has a nice heft to it.

Both handle types are made with screws rather than pins, so if you need to disassemble the knife, it can easily done. Lets not forget to mention that the wide array of colors and finishes (many of which are limited editions) make this a very collectable knife. For these reasons the Leek has become a favorite for both hardcore enthusiasts and casual owners.

The Size

The Kershaw Leek has an overall length of 7″, a 3″ blade, and weighs about 3 ounces, and is made in the GOOD OLD USA. As the vegetable it was named after, this is a very sleek slim design light weight knife, aimed squarely at the Every Day Carry (EDC) market.

Kershaw Leek – My Final Thoughts

The Kershaw Leek has most of what most of us would for in a small EDC knife. It’s light, slim, sleek, sharp and fast. I love the solid lockup and quality blade steel. Its pocket clip is also a plus and the knife feels great in the hands. The fact that this Kershaw is made in the USA certainly scores well on my chart board.

My only passiveness about the Leek is that there is not much texture on the handle, and the tip is thin and can break if you are not careful with the knife. However, for a little EDC blade I think these are both minor to nonexistent deficiency.

The sleek design makes it something of a gentleman’s gadget, and I could see this knife doing just as well in an office as it would in a more demanding environment. Finally, the array of colors and styles offered make this a fun knife to collect and use anywhere you want with ease and confidence.


Sam Ammouri

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